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We at the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office recommend that the public utilize online and mail services for:

Renewing registrations and drivers licenses - go to NE Department of Motor Vehicles Online

Paying property taxes online - go to Nebraska Taxes Online


  • The Treasurer’s Office collects and distributes all Revenues for the County
  • Bill and collect all Real Estate, Personal Property Taxes and Special Assessments
  • Titles and Collects Sales Tax on Vehicles
  • Register all motor vehicles with tax situs in the County
  • Collects monies and prints temporary Drivers’ Licenses, I.D.s, and Permits by examiner’s certificate
  • Titles and Collects Sales Tax (if applicable) on ATV’s and UTV’s

Driver’s License (DMV office)

  • The Treasurer’s Office prints the temporary Driver’s License, Permits and I.D.’s. 
  • Applicants for driver’s licenses must see the examiner first.

Please click here to see the DMV's Driver's License office web page for additional Driver's License information.

Motor Vehicles



  • Renewal Notice or Current Registration
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Payment

New Vehicles


  • If you have an out of state title it will need a V.I.N inspection done by the sheriff, and the cost is $10.00
  • Properly signed by sellers: If it’s a Nebraska title and there are more than one person’s name on the title, ALL persons on the face of the title will need to sign as sellers. This varies for out of state titles. Check with the treasurer’s office.
  • Odometer reading is required if it has less than 100 thousand miles and/or if it is less than 10 years old.

2. DRIVER'S LICENSE (If no valid NE driver's license visit with staff, there are other items that can be taken instead of the Drivers License)


  • If you have borrowed money to purchase the vehicle.

4. SALES TAX FORM 6 AND/OR BILL OF SALE [sales tax is DUE within 30 days of purchase and will be assessed a $5.00 penalty + interest if not paid within that time].

5. VALID PROOF OF INSURANCE – Must contain valid dates and the VIN #



Boat Registrations

DMV Forms

Adobe Acrobat is required

Registration Estimate

Real Estate

  • Receive Tax Statements in December
  • If you do not receive your tax statement, call the Treasurer’s Office
  • Delinquent: First half-May 1 and Second half-September 1
  • Pay Dawes County real estate taxes at Nebraska Taxes Online 
  • Delinquent taxes will be sold at Public Auction the first Monday in March
  • 14% annual delinquent rate
  • If paying in person, please bring your Tax Statements to insure all your taxes get paid. The Dawes County Treasurer’s Office is NOT RESPONSIBLE for unpaid taxes.

Public Delinquent Tax Sale Information

Updated Lists:

  • Time and Date: Tax sales are always held the first Monday in March. This year the sale will be held Monday, March 4, 2024 at 10:00 A.M.
  • Held: 

    Platte Valley Bank Community Center

    141 W 3rd Street

    Chadron Ne 69337

    Please Park in the city parking lot a block to the North of the bank.

  • Advertising:  The Crawford Clipper advertise for three consecutive weeks once a week commencing the first week in February.
  • List of Delinquencies: You may obtain a detailed listing of delinquencies either by contacting our office and requesting it be sent through email or you may stop in the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office and pick one up. Listing is updated weekly.
  • Registration: Registration needs to be complete and in the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office by Friday, March 1, 2024 at 4:30 PM. Registration includes Investor Information accompanied by W9 and a sign in sheet. One bidder cannot bid for more than one company and has to be present.
  • Procedure: On the day of the sale, the County Treasurer will conduct a random drawing of numbers to select the order of bids. Investors agree to buy the liens for the delinquent tax amounts interest and advertising plus any other delinquent tax assessed to each parcel. NE Statute 77-702. The number drawn shall represent the order in which each investor may bid.
  • $25.00 registration fee
  • Private Tax Sale: Any unsold taxes or assessments are for private sale and may be purchased after the Public Tax Sale. You may contact our office to inquire on the unsold taxes/assessments.
  • New This Year:  Beginning with this tax sale, investors will be adding additional fees of $100 or more for each certificate issued.  This fee will be paid at the time the taxes are paid by the property owner.  The INVESTOR – not the County – will receive this fee along with the delinquent interest.
  • Foreclosure Process: Once a certificate has matured, the certificate is mailed to the investor and it is their responsibility to collect on their investment, whether it be personal or legal. The Dawes County Treasurer’s Office will keep the record on file for figuring interest purposes only. We will not collect unless other arrangements have been made with the Treasurer. Nebraska statutes 77-1801 thru 77-1941 covers all aspects of buying and foreclosing on tax sale certificates. You must consult with an attorney for any legal advice. The Dawes County Treasurers office will not provide any guidance or legal advice pertaining to tax sale certificates.
  • Web Site: N/A at this time

Changes for the Public Tax Sale Starting 2015

The Nebraska Legislature has mandated changes which have been put into state statue and will be effective for the 2015 Tax Sale. Some of those changes will be as follows:

The county treasurer shall charge a $22.00 issuance fee for each certificate.

The fee is non-refundable upon redemption.

The purchaser acquires a perpetual lien of the tax on the real property; and if after the taxes become delinquent, he/she subsequently pays any taxes levied on the property.

When reassigning a certificate, there will be a fee of $20.00; and a new certificate will be issued to the assignee.

Types of Payments Accepted



Money Order

Visa, Master Card and Discover – All Debit and Credit Cards will be charged an additional 2.35 % service fee


Phone: (308) 432-0105
Fax: (308) 432-6959


451 Main Street
Suite BB       
PO Box 790
Chadron, Nebraska 69337


8:30am – 4:30pm
Open through the Lunch Hour
Closed Weekends & Holidays

Assortment of Nebraska license plates.